Wayward Pines spoilers: Plot 33 intrigue continues; Ethan hunts down Ted


The mystery TV show Wayward Pines is making waves in TV screens as Ethan intensifies the search for the culprit to the bomb that attempted to break down the wall protecting Wayward Pines from the Abbies. Ben and Amy were injured from the blast. Kate and the other Abbies seem hellbent on conquering the walls that keep them from accessing Wayward Pines. Reliable footage shows resident Ted Laufer driving the car which housed the bomb before it was set off. Ethan is now in hot pursuit of him while keeping everything else together.

Kate’s husband Harold opts out of the rebellion, and the world gets even smaller for Kate as people like Nurse Pam begin to conduct their own investigations into who is supporting this rebellion against Wayward Pines. Pam’s brother wrongly sent Reggie back in the freezing cryogenic container out of paranoia around the potential invasion.

Despite his best intentions of nipping the rebellion in the bud, he might actually end up stirring hatred from his team because of what he did to Reggie. If the book’s plot is followed closely, the Abbie invasion will still happen and it will have its own set of repercussions for the storyline.

With Kate now in custody, people in the Wayward Pines community are feeling extra vindictive and they want justice to be served via an execution of Kate and the other jailed insurgents. In addition to all this chaos, a previous episode already showed a possible way out of the town through Plot 33.

According to the International Business Times of India, fans are now wondering what will happen next in this gripping series. They are intrigued about the new Plot 33 land and the turn of events that can either lead to Wayward Pines’ or the insurgents’ ruin or dark ages.