'Wayward Pines' season two updates: Shyamalan says he has an idea for a second season


SPOILERS for the finale of Wayward Pines ahead

Wayward Pines is over… or is it?

After completing its limited run of 10 episodes in a single season, hit summer series Wayward Pines ended last week. Ethan Burke, Ben, Theresa, Kate, and the rest of the residents of Wayward Pines engage in one final encounter of survivalsome have died, some have lived to see what is beyond.

The finale episode was entitled “Cycle”, and the ending really lived up to it. David Pilcher is dead, and Ethan Burke sacrificed himself to save the people of Wayward Pines. When everything is seemingly peaceful and in order, Ben (Charlie Tahan) woke up in the Wayward Pines hospital, in the same way Ethan did in the beginning, and walked out onto the main street the same way, too.

Wayward Pines is in order again. And David Pilcher is some divine figure revered by the town.

In an interview with Deadline, show Executive Producer M. Night Shyamalan discussed the ending to the series.

“We’re super surprised, excited, humbled by the reaction to Wayward Pines, and I did ask Blake to come over to my house, which he did,” he said. “We did sit down for a few days, and we talked about all kinds of things, and we both felt very good about our time together. We both made a pact saying if we did decide to do something more here that we would approach it with a very high level of integrity and not let the opportunity dictate it because we’re both happy to walk away.”

One of the most asked questions about the series is: will there be a season two?

“We have an idea we’ve discussed,” he added. “That’s all I’ll say.”

In a separate interview with TVLine, showrunner Chad Hodge confirmed that Class One of the First Generation, led by Jason, ended up somehow taking over the town and continuing Pilcher’s way, and having the surviving adults put into suspension again.

However, the end scenes do not tease a season two.

“Honestly and I’ve said it all along it was never designed to have a Season 2,” Hodge said. “It was always these 10 episodes. So this ending was just intended to show that history repeats itself ergo the episode’s title, ‘Cycle.’ That no matter how many lessons you think you learn, violence continues and bad decisions keep getting made.”

Will Fox be interested in a season two? Hodge answered: “There’s nothing official to report yet. As I said, it was always designed to be one season, from a creative standpoint. But if anything changes, I’ll let you know!”