'Wayward Pines' season 3 renewal rumors, spoilers: Still no update from FOX; Humans may face new threat


Is “Wayward Pines” getting renewed or canceled? Sadly, FOX has yet to release an official statement regarding this matter. While a lot of uncertainty surrounds the future of the series, rumors of a new threat have fans anticipating the show’s return.

Sources say that the Abbies will continue to evolve in the upcoming season and they may mutate into something else that may threaten human existence. Author Blake Crouch did say that the Abbies are still changing, so perhaps this will make an interesting plot for the season. Of course, it is also possible that the Abbies are becoming human once again since the baby Abby in the season 2 finale looked like a normal human being.

There are also reports saying that “Wayward Pines” season 3 will focus on the evolution of the humans who locked themselves inside the pod chamber and the Abbies. One interesting theory being passed around is that the humans inside the pod may wake up a thousand years later in the future due to cryogenically-induced sleep.

On the other hand, it is rumored that “Wayward Pines” may get canceled due to poor ratings. However, the show’s future may not be as bleak as some people think.

During the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour last month, Fox Television Group co-chairman and CEO Dana Walden said the producers have a compelling plan for the upcoming season and she stated, “I definitely think there could be a season 3.”

Earlier this year, executive producer M. Night Shyamalan also revealed that “Wayward Pines” was going to be a three-season story. Furthermore, Crouch told Zap2it that the season 2 finale cliffhanger was put in place so that it could carry over to the third season.

Sources believe that “Wayward Pines” season 3 will air sometime in 2017 if FOX decides to renew the show.