'Wayward Pines' Season 2 may be shelved as M. Night Shyamalan reveals he wants to work on new thriller


It seems that the possibility of a second season for Wayward Pines just got thinner, as show executive producer M. Night Shyamalan announced that he will be working on a new “thriller” project soon.

The filmmaker has been riding high on the success of the limited run TV series Wayward Pines, dubbed his “comeback” project. However, it seems that he may not be working on anything related to Pines anytime soon.

According to a report by Metro UK, Shyamalan will be working on The Last Airbender 2, despite the first film getting butchered by fans and critics. However, before working on the sequel project, Shyamalan will be working on a new thriller project.

“It takes so long to make those CGI movies,” Shyamalan explained, “Its hard because it takes two/three years and I don’t get to make two of my own movies so there’s always a struggle of choosing someone else’s material over my own. Right now I’m going to go do another one of my own first, another thriller.”

From the outset, fans and viewers had been informed that Wayward Pines would only be a limited run series from Fox, and would only have 10 episode.

One of the most asked questions about the series is: will there be a season two?

“We have an idea we’ve discussed,” Shyamalan previously said in an interview with Deadline. “That’s all I’ll say.”

In a separate interview with TVLine, showrunner Chad Hodge confirmed that Class One of the First Generation, led by Jason, ended up somehow taking over the town and continuing Pilcher’s way, and having the surviving adults put into suspense again.

However, the end scenes do not tease a season two.

“Honestly and I’ve said it all along it was never designed to have a Season 2,” Hodge said. “It was always these 10 episodes. So this ending was just intended to show that history repeats itself ergo the episode’s title, ‘Cycle.’ That no matter how many lessons you think you learn, violence continues and bad decisions keep getting made.”

Will Fox be interested in a season two? Hodge answered: “There’s nothing official to report yet. As I said, it was always designed to be one season, from a creative standpoint. But if anything changes, I’ll let you know!”