Wayward Pines season 1 spoilers: Will Ethan get out alive?


In the all new episode of the new TV series, ‘Wayward Pines’ Ethan invites Kate to follow the plan indicated by the Evans’ Map.

In the promotional trailer released for the next episode, after Ethan asks Kate to accompany him, she tells him that he will never make it out alive. This subtly tells us that Kate hasn’t completely surrendered herself to the town’s customs and neither does she see a way out of the deadly town.

Also, Ethan’s wife and son, Theresa and Ben are revealed as going to Wayward Pines as they encounter Sheriff Arnold Pope. In the trailer, the Pope is seen breaking their car’s fuel line and telling them of the leak. This probably means that the Sheriff is trying to send them back home.

If the mother and the son do get into the town, the chances of the all three members of the family getting out of the town will be a tad too difficult.

The official synopsis, according to The Christian Today, says that Theresa and Ben continue their hunt for Ethan as they encounter the Sheriff. Meanwhile, Ethan gets even more stuck in town when he is given a home by real estate agent Peter McCall.

Chad Hodge, speaking to TV Line about the TV series, said, “Wayward Pines is a real place.”

Writing a column for Entertainment Weekly, Hodge revealed why he killed Beverly in the second episode. He wrote, “Think about it. How many of us would love to start over and forget the past? To be given permission not to have some huge ‘important’ life in the big, bad world? How many of us would love to live a simple life in a small beautiful town? ‘You could be happy here, Ethan,’ says Kate (Carla Gugino). Does she mean it? Hard to tell at this point. Did I almost convince you? Scary, right? But this is why we needed to kill Beverly Brown (Juliette Lewis).”

The episode will have guest stars such as Justin Kirk, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, and BJ Harrison.

The episode, titled ‘Our Town, Our Law’ is scheduled to air on May 28.