'Wayward Pines' news: Season 2 confirmed, eyes summer release; new character to arrive in the midst of rebellion


“Wayward Pines” will be getting a second season after all, and the surprise hit series is eyeing a summer 2016 debut for the next installment.

Based on the latest announcement by Fox Broadcasting Company President for Entertainment David Madden, they were impressed by the audience’s response to the series, leading them to explore the potential story even further.

The show was originally intended as a miniseries based on the novels written by author Blake Crouch with the same title. While the first season managed to cover the length of the material, the ambiguous ending left audiences wanting to know more about the town and what will happen next to the characters, leading to a clamor for a second season.

“‘Wayward Pines’ was a huge hit for us this past summer. We were absolutely blown away by the mysterious and surprising world that Night and his team created, and the twisting-and-turning storytelling that drew viewers in from day one. Season Two is going to take the suspense, the vision of the future and the haunting character drama to whole new levels, and we can’t wait for our fans to continue that ride next year,” said Madden.

M. Night Shyamalan who directed the first season of the show earlier said that should the network opt for a second season, he and author Blake Crouch already have an idea where to take the story.

Unfortunately, a report from Variety said that show creator and showrunner Chad Hodge will no longer be returning for a second season, leaving the show in the hands of Shyamalan as executive producer, with Donald De Line, Ashwin Rajan, Mark Friedman and Blake Crouch himself.

The show will reportedly pick up from the season finale wherein a rebellion is still ongoing when another character arrives in the town.