Wayward Pines finale spoilers: Series to follow book ending with a few tweaks; Season 2 still a possibility


Last week on Wayward Pines, things got more heated up, with the Class One of the Academy executing the “terrorists”, including Harold Ballinger. Theresa, through the help of Nurse Pam, discovered the truth about the town, as Ethan revealed the said truth to the townspeople. As a result, Pilcher lost it and shut down all power, leaving the fence vulnerable and the entire town in danger from the monstrous Abbies.

For this week’s final episode of Wayward Pines, everything comes to an end. As previously promised by the showrunners, the story of the post-apocalyptic town will have definite closure. Now that the Abbies are coming in to town, what will happen to Ethan, his family, and everyone in Wayward Pines?

In a recent interview with TVLine, show creator Chad Hodge said that while the series finale may be different, but it will be in the same sense as the ending in the books.

“I think they’ll find it very similar to the books with a few tweaks here and there. Again, the First Generation is not a part of the books in the way that it is in the series, and they figure in in a major way in the ending. So there are some differences. But globally and schematically and mythology-wise, it’s all the same. I’m very close to Blake Crouch, the author, and everything was sort of put through his filter the entire time,” Hodge said. 

But after that, will there be a second season? Hodge said the story will find closure in the tenth episode, but a second season is definitely not impossible.

Below is the official synopsis for the series finale:

After Pilcher decides to turn off the electricity in Wayward Pines with deadly repercussions Ethan and Kate take the initiative to make sure everyone is out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, Nurse Pam confronts Pilcher on his decision and tries to convince him to reconsider, Ethan and Kate plan for an attack and the first generation tries to protect the future of Wayward Pines by taking matters into their own hands.”