'Watch Dogs 2' update, news: Ubisoft addresses low sales; releases patch fixing minor bugs, issues


Ubisoft recently commented on the low sales of their recently released sequel “Watch Dogs 2,” noting that there appears to be a trend from other publishers as well for follow-up titles that have been launched.

According to Eurogamer, a spokesperson for the company shared their hopes to have strong continued sales of the game in the subsequent weeks following the launch. In a statement released to the news outlet, the representative shared that they are happy with critics’ and players’ positive reception “which should bolster support for the long-term success of the game.”

“We expect both week-two and week-three sales to be above traditional sales patterns. There is a trend toward games, especially high-quality games, having stronger and longer ‘tails’ as favorable reviews and word of mouth spread. Watch Dogs 2 is already considered a tremendous addition to the open-world action adventure series and we’re confident that millions of players are going to love it,” the spokesperson added.

The sequel apparently entered the games chart this week in second place behind “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” which is currently in its third week of release.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft also delivered a patch to the base game which fixes some of the minor bugs encountered and made a certain female non-player character less explicit. The issues solved include the Emote Wheel Swap where weapon and emotes become intermixed; improved NPC that was previously explicit but nudity on other male and female NPCs has not changed; and disappearing phone applications.

The graphics and frame rate performance were also enhanced specifically during the “Limp Nudle” mission. The team is also said to be currently focusing on delivering a major improvement for the multiplayer mode. The developer has taken the aspect offline until it is fixed as it causes the game to lag and crash periodically.

“Watch Dogs 2” is now available on consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while the PC version will arrive on Nov. 29.