'Watch Dogs 2' Season Pass news, update: post-launch content revealed


For the enthusiastic and excited fans of the upcoming open world action-adventure video game, “Watch Dogs 2,” there are only ten days left of waiting before they can get their itchy hands on the much-awaited sequel to the popular 2014 game. And while Ubisoft is expected to hand out loads of downloadable content right after the release, those who want everything in an instant can avail of the game’s Season Pass.

The reason why anybody would want a Season Pass is simple they hate waiting. But the additional content will obviously come with a hefty price tag. According to Cinema Blend, those interested will have to shell out $40 in order to get a reservation for the Season Pass, which in turn contains all of the planned post-launch content. But the real question is what exactly will a Season Pass holder get by paying that amount other than the standard game?

Ubisoft recently announced the content that will be included in the Season Pass, saying that the DLC, in general, is divided into three primary packs, while buyers will also get some more additional item bundles. But for those who are wondering, everything can actually be purchased once they are made available by Ubisoft shortly after the full game release. The two advantages of the Season Pass worth exactly $39.99 are that some cash can be saved by purchasing everything all at once and that all expected content are handed out once payment is made, which means there no longer is a need to wait for their availability.

Per Engadget, the DLC includes the “T-Bone” bundle with a new cooperative difficulty setting and is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 game console on Dec.13; “Human Conditions,” which is expected to be launched in spring of next year and is highlighted by three new stories; “No Compromise,” which basically is a story about the Russian mob; and the “Root Access Bundle” and “Psychedelic Pack,” both offering new cars, outfits, weapons, and even skins.

The Season Pass for “Watch Dogs 2” can be availed in two ways; first is by purchasing the game’s Gold Edition priced at $100, and second, by paying the standalone price of $40.