'Watch Dogs 2' release date rumors, latest news: two multiplayer online modes before official release


The upcoming open world action-adventure third-person shooter video game “Watch Dogs 2” from Ubisoft is almost here, but right before the official release, the game developer revealed a couple of multiplayer game modes for players to try.

Per report from Polygon, Ubisoft talked about the first mode, which actually is making a return to the upcoming game after it was introduced in the first title, “Watch Dogs.” Called the “Hacking Invasion” player versus player (PvP) mode, the players of the game will be tasked to chase and target a specific opponent, with the ultimate goal of downloading a specified amount of data while avoiding detection. The same mode likewise allows cooperative missions, Ubisoft added.

The second online option meanwhile is called “Bounty Hunter,” and it is connected to the police heat system. It works by giving players the choice to get out of the open world, single-player mode in times when there is so much clutter in the game already. The moment a player is detected by the police, a chase ensues.

According to IGN, the “Bounty Hunt” mode can be activated in two different ways, the first of which is to produce enough chaos in order to draw attention. The second, meanwhile, is easier because the player simply needs to toggle the in-game phone and then start sending invites to any player who is interested in going directly to the chase. But regardless of the method used, the objective is pretty much the same, which is to successfully evade the pursuers if the player is the bounty, or to chase down the perp if the player is the hunter.

Ubisoft revealed that these online modes are not part of the game’s storyline and are instead separate from the original single-player campaign. The full game, “Watch Dogs 2,” will make its way to store shelves for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Nov. 15.