'Watch Dogs 2' release date, latest news: new features highlight gameplay, including a multiplayer mode


The upcoming open world action-adventure third-person shooter video game, “Watch Dogs 2” has big shoes to fill after the success of the first game, but judging by the latest information that includes a trailer and some teasers of the new features, it certainly looks like the second installment could actually surpass the original game’s accomplishments.

The latest teaser from game developer Ubisoft is a video trailer showcasing the online multiplayer functions and lots of other features in the upcoming game. Per report from Polygon, the first revelation is a feature called the “Hacking Invasion” player versus player (PvP) mode, which actually is making a comeback since the same mode was already introduced in the first title. Just like the previous installment, players have the ability to assign a target opponent and then they will be later tasked to find that particular opponent, download some important data from that opponent’s device, and make sure they go undetected during the entire process.

Aside from that feature, the upcoming game also will provide cooperative missions within that same mode, which obviously is interesting enough for a game series that originally didn’t offer that much interest in the concept of cooperative gameplay.

Next, “Watch Dogs 2” will reveal a brand-new online mode called “Bounty Hunter,” wherein a player transforms into a character who will be chased by the hunter, who in turn is tied to the police heat system embedded in the game. The objective is to create as much chaos as possible in order to be detected by the police, and once that happens, the game will automatically go out of the single player mode.

All those mentioned features are more than enough to bring in an increased level of interest for the game, but there could actually be more in store for the fans of “Watch Dogs 2” that Ubisoft hasn’t disclosed yet.

The game is scheduled for a release on Nov. 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.