'Watch Dogs 2' release date, news: trailer previews Marcus Holloway, DedSec and villain Dusan Nemec


The upcoming sequel to the 2014 hit third-person shooter video game, “Watch Dogs” is coming in fast and Ubisoft wants every gamer out there to take notice. Just recently, the game developer released the “Watch Dogs 2” trailer, showcasing the game’s storyline as seen through the perspective of lead character Marcus Holloway and his gang of supposedly righteous hackers.

The open world action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal has had one of the finest hype up jobs for any video game as of late, but considering the level of popularity that the first game achieved, this one needs no introduction.

As reported by Gamespot, the trailer confirms earlier pronouncements that Holloway and his group, DedSec, will try to bring down a massive multinational company called Blume that specializes in data manipulation, which in simpler terms, literally means invading citizens’ private lives. The report added that the designated bad guy in this game goes by the name of Dusan Nemec, who happens to be the boss of Blume. The teaser video shows different hacking abilities that gamers can utilize in the game.

iTech Post adds that the sophisticated game will be offering a wider variety of customization choices, including new clothing and stuff for Holloway. The report details these additions, including a shirt-jacket combination, hat, pants, bags, and even glasses. There is also a concept in the game where the character is able to explore various markets in the area to look for accessories and clothing styles. By the way, the setting for “Watch Dogs 2” is the San Francisco Bay Area, which is obviously larger than the previous setting in Chicago.

Judging by how persistent Ubisoft has been in promoting “Watch Dogs 2,” it appears the game developer is hard-pressed to emulate or even surpass the success of the first game, which sold almost 10 million copies.

“Watch Dogs 2” will have a full game launch on Nov.15 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.