'Watch Dogs 2' release date, news: Trailer features San Francisco setting, different modes of transportation, more stealth techniques


The latest trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming sequel, “Watch Dogs 2,” is here, showcasing the game’s San Francisco setting and the areas around the vast city.

In the promotional clip, the protagonist, Marcus Holloway, introduces the players both to himself and the location saying, “Film buff, idealist, hacker. And this, this is my home. All I ever wanted was right here from the city to Oakland, Marin, to Silicon Valley. The entire Bay Area is a playpen for counterculture. Free spirits setting the new norm decades ahead of time. Just take your curiosity for a walk or a ride, any ride.”

According to Gamerant, gamers have different transportation choices. Aside from driving cars, they also have the option to go sailing on a speed boat, off-roading aboard ATV quads, dirt bikes, and even Jeeps.

“There’s always something going on. No matter where you end up, it will leave its mark on you and yours on it. Only one rule around here tech rules everything,” Marcus continues.

The protagonist then narrates the ongoing corruption in his beloved city with corporations manipulating data on a massive scale, making the rich richer and leaving the poor in worse condition. It turns out, Marcus joins the so-called hacker group DedSec to fight Blume and its chief technology officer Duan Nemec for using the ctOS 2.0 to gain the upper hand in business.

In the gameplay, fans can expect more stealth techniques being utilized. Aside from working alone in missions, the player can use a drone or team-up with a fellow DedSec hacker. To be able to successfully achieve the goals, gamers can hack the net in tracking down targets, detect strange hacking signals, deploy several drones or quadcopters to scout the place, or use the RC jumper to seal around the terrain.

“Watch Dogs 2” is slated to be released on Nov. 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while the PC version will become available on Nov. 29. Ubisoft recently announced that the game has gone “gold” this week, meaning the developer completed work on the base game.