'Watch Dogs 2' release date, news: sequel to feature Bay Area with remarkable accuracy


Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs 2” is creating a standard of its own when it comes to showcasing a real world inside a video game. The upcoming open world action-adventure game title is about to be released in less than a month and judging by what Ubisoft has shown gamers and fans of the series so far, there will be an unprecedented level of improvement compared to its predecessor.

The latest to be showcased in the form of a preview is the new setting, which literally is an exact representation of the San Francisco Bay Area. According to CNET, the game developers successfully recreated the Bay Area with remarkable accuracy and that even the littlest details have been integrated. The publication even went as far as taking photos of the places inside the game using a virtual camera and then compared the shots to the real Bay Area. The results are simply amazing.

For Tech Radar, it is kind of surprising that not a lot of games have utilized San Francisco or places in Northern California considering the level of “artistic and counter-culture movement” they offer, but Ubisoft’s decision to use the Bay Area for “Watch Dogs 2” could very well set a new precedent.

The showcase of this new setting is different from how San Francisco has been portrayed in media, such as in films and video games. In “Watch Dogs 2,” there is an emphasis not on the popular sites but more on a particular side of the city where there is a diversity of culture.

The upcoming game will feature a new lead character in Marcus Holloway, a hacker from Oakland, California who is dedicated to stopping the city’s <sub>CTOS system after finding out that it has been doing harm to innocent citizens, including himself. He will be working with a hacker group called DedSec to bring down Blume, the company responsible for creating the system.

“Watch Dogs 2” is set to be released on Nov. 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while a Windows PC version will be made available on Nov. 29.