'Watch Dogs 2' release date: Sequel rolls out Nov. 15; gameplay set in San Francisco


With less than a day before “Watch Dogs 2” makes its grand public debut, an advertising leak has made its way online revealing pivotal information about the supposed sequel.

The publicity material, which was first leaked on IGN, reveals that the game will be officially released later this year, specifically on Nov. 15. However, since the leak drew the attention of eagle-eyed fans, the media outlet has since taken down the report. Nevertheless, Eurogamer was able to save a screenshot of the leaked poster. Furthermore, the poster also divulges that the narrative of the gameplay will be set in the coastal city of San Francisco. The imagery used on the background for the advertisement is that of the new lead character with the Golden Gate Bridge notably on his background. The unnamed protagonist is also consistent with the lead character art that was leaked by a motion capture artist last month. The image was saved by NerdLeaks.

Ubisoft’s Vice President of Creative Lionel Reynaud previously shared that the wait that fans had to endure for “Watch Dogs 2” will be worth it, especially since they have aimed for a much improved version of the third person shooter game.

“There are flaws, obviously. We absolutely want to tackle these flaws and surprise players, and the way to tackle some of those flaws is going to be quite radical. There are parts of the game that will need to change,” he said. “This is quite a high ambition and will require us to develop technologies that we didn’t have for Watch Dogs 1, but this combined with fixing and refining what worked well is probably the way to go for Watch Dogs 2.”

“Watch Dogs” first broke into the gaming scene back in 2014 and was made available on the Microsoft Windows PC, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It has received mostly positive reviews and its hacking elements, mission variety and multiplayer mode have been lauded as the game’s strong points.

Ubisoft will reveal “Watch Dogs 2” today at 5 p.m. U.K. time (12 p.m. ET).