'Watch Dogs 2' release date update: latest video gives more insight on lead character


The upcoming open world action-adventure video game “Watch Dogs 2” is expected to be released this coming fall, but the more exciting news is that the game will be featuring a whole lot of changes from the first installment, including a new set of characters and location.

Per Gamespot, the game will center on a new lead character named Marcus Holloway (voiced by Ruffin Prentiss), who happens to be a member of a band of hackers called DedSec. The setting, meanwhile, is the Bay Area in San Francisco, where there will be a lot of action expected.

Game developer Ubisoft recently released a video that talked about the role of Marcus and his DedSec organization. Just like in the first game, this one’s going to be played with a third-person perspective.

The video gives a preview of what Marcus and his team will be up against. Accordingly, they are focused on taking down San Francisco’s fictionalized ctOS 2.0, defined as an the city’s advanced surveillance system.

The reason for Marcus’ struggle against the surveillance system is the fact that he was framed by it for a crime he was not guilty of committing when he was younger. Hence, the entire game will be about him and his group trying to bring down the very system that’s bringing more harm than good to innocent civilians in the city.

Ubisoft refers to the video as part of a promotional initiative called “Remote Access,” where the company plans on providing more details and previews of the various parts and components of the game, obviously for the purpose of fueling more interest to the game. After all, it has some big shoes to fill after the commercial success of the first game, “Watch Dogs.”

“Watch Dogs 2” is scheduled for launch on Nov. 15 for three platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.