'Watch Dogs 2' patch news: New patch gives hints about game series' potential third installment


Ubisoft has released a new patch for “Watch Dogs 2,” and it seems that the fix has given the action-adventure game a new ending.

Last week, the game developer has announced a title update for the famous game. The new patch features new world locations, dances, emotes, and clothing. New rewards for Ubisoft Club members were provided, and Bounty Hunter Respawn was added. Also, game system upgrade and bug fixes were mentioned in the announcement.

“It will also prepare the San Francisco Bay Area for the arrival of the Human Conditions downloadable content (DLC),” the statement said.

“Without spoiling all of the fun in the patch notes, we’ll just say that if you’ve finished the story you should replay the last mission to watch a little extra something at the end,” it continued.

IGN has recently reported that the patch, which is 10 GB on console and 14 GB on PC, implemented an extended ending of the game, and at the same time, it gave clues about the potential location of the third installment.

It has been discovered that if the last mission is being replayed, the player could see an altered ending with a recorded phone conversation.

The audio recording bears a file name “51.462014, -0112504.wav,” which is actually a set of coordinates. If the player plots those coordinates on a map, it leads to Brixton, London. A Reddit user asserted that the location is specifically pointing to a restaurant named the Chip Shop.

Some believe that this could be a sneak preview for either a new DLC or an upcoming “Watch Dog 3.”

Moreover, on the voice recording, two men were talking about a group of hackers called DedSec. The group is spreading terror worldwide. New cells are appearing in the Middle East, South America, and even in Europe.

“Watch Dogs 2” is set in San Francisco, California, and it’s possible that in the next installment, Ubisoft will bring the hacker-themed video game to a new location.