'Watch Dogs' among horror thriller games touted for PlayStation Plus free games for June 2016


“Watch Dogs” continue to be a persistent frontrunner for PlayStation Plus free games for June.

With May slowly coming to a close, PlayStation 4 gamers are already on the lookout on what the new month will bring in terms of featured free games for the specific console. The third person shooter stealth video game has had a following in itself since it was first released worldwide in 2014 so it is no surprise that a lot of fans want to see the title as part of the free games library.

Furthermore, the confirmation that Ubisoft is already looking to develop as a sequel to “Watch Dogs” heightens up the hype that its debut iteration will finally debut in PlayStation Plus next month. The move would be a good marketing ploy to regain the enthusiasm of original players of the video game as well as pique the interest of new gamers.

Aside from “Watch Dogs,” another game in “Resident Evil: HD Remaster” is slowly building buzz as one of the new games for PlayStation Plus next month. The title is an improved and redistributed variant of the classic title which was released back in 2002. The survival horror franchise has been one of the favorites in terms of the genre. PlayStation Plus has already picked “Resident Evil 2” to be part of their roster. And shall the remastered version of the original iteration eventually join in the fun, loyalists of the horror video game genre will be more than delighted.

Interestingly, the trend for thriller games coming to the feature next month continues with psychological survival horror game “The Evil Within” said to be also included. Released just almost two years ago, the single player narrative is arranged in chapters which gamers can complete in order to move forward into the story. The title mostly received praise for its horror elements.

Nothing has yet to be confirmed as for the new roster and fans are advised to stay tuned to know the latest in terms of which titles will eventually arrive for PlayStation Plus free games for June.