'Watch Dogs 2' release date news: new main character Marcus Holloway detailed


Ubisoft’s upcoming new open world game, “Watch Dogs 2,” is set to feature a new protagonist, partly in response to the criticism that the protagonist of the first game had received back when it was first released. This time, the new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, is set to get the previous disappointments right. Game producer Dominic Guay discussed the character, what makes him unique, as well as addressing some of the long running issues about the first game in the series.

In his recent interview with The Evening Standard, Guay, first of all, talked about the character of Marcus the new protagonist for the new game that is set to be far better than Aiden Pierce, the protagonist for the first “Watch Dogs” game. One of the most common criticisms for the character of Pierce was his lack of real charisma when it comes to being a main character and a hacker.

One of the major characteristics of Marcus is his interest in almost everything that is classic which is partly the reason why he got the namesake he has in the game.

“Marcus goes by the handle Retr0 due to his love for the classics: classic hip hop and R&B, classic electronics and old-school hacking culture,” Guay said in the interview. “He’s a big fan of the scene’s legends. He’s also into ancient horror and science fiction movies, which clicks very well with [hacking collective] DedSec.”

The introduction of a new main character also gave way to introduce a fresh perspective in the game, giving players old and new alike a brand-new feel in all aspects of the game the location, the sceneries, and the environment were all refined in order to improve the game.

“We changed the perspective we are giving players on our universe: this time you play a hacker within a Hacktivist group fighting a corrupt establishment,” he said. “The setting of San Francisco, the new characters, the greater power of hacking gameplay, the tone of the game, the seamless coop gameplay: all of these choices and creations are rooted in that change.”

“Watch Dogs 2” releases on Nov. 15 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.