'Watch Dogs 2' news: Game's first DLC pack launches for PS4


Ubisoft has officially released the first DLC pack for the PS4 version of its open world action-adventure game “Watch Dogs 2.”

According to Game Rant, rumors broke out about a week ago about the “Watch Dogs 2” DLC pack being delayed due to issues with the game’s multiplayer mode. Specifically, the delay is caused by the seamless multiplayer experience working improperly. Regardless, for PS4 fans, the wait is over as the DLC pack was released for the console.

The add-on is officially dubbed as the T-Bone Content Bundle as it centers on the titular character T-Bone, also known as Raymond Kenney. However, despite the fact that the DLC is exclusively available for PS4 currently, PC and Xbox One players will get the pack on Jan. 24, 2017.

Unfortunately, however, the content bundle does not include any single player missions. The DLC pack features a new Mayhem co-op challenge, a new enemy type known as Grenadier, T-Bone’s signature clothes, and a modded school bus vehicle.

Also, the first “Watch Dogs 2” DLC pack’s release is being commemorated with Ubisoft creating a new in-game event, the T-Bone Chaos Challenge, which has been in the game since Dec. 20. The event will require players to take part in a series of timed events like bounty completion, co-op missions, enemy assassination, and more. The rewards are divided among players, and it includes new car skins and in-game currency, among others.

Game Spot reports that the DLC can be played in guest mode. What this means is that as long as one of the players have the bundle, players can participate as long as they are invited. Even so, the pack only costs $7 by itself, but if the players already own the season pass, they will get the DLC immediately.

“Watch Dogs 2” is now available for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.