'Watch Dogs 2' news: DLC release delayed due to broken seamless multiplayer feature


For those who have been waiting for the “T-Bone” DLC for “Watch Dogs 2,” it is confirmed that it will be delayed in order to ensure that the issues surrounding its seamless online multiplayer feature will be fixed. The good news is that its new release date has been announced.

According to Game Rant, Ubisoft promised originally that the first DLC expansion pack for “Watch Dogs 2” should be available for the PS4 come Dec. 13. Unfortunately, after releasing a statement, the company has verified that the DLC pack will instead be available a week later, on Dec. 22. As for the Xbox One and PC versions, though, it will come much later, on Jan. 24, 2017.

Certainly, this might come as an upsetting news for some of the fans, but Ubisoft has given a good reason behind the delay. In the simplest sense, the company was forced to pull out its resources away from the expansion in order to work on the patches that aim to fix and ensure stability to the “Watch Dog 2” game’s online features. As fans can remember, the multiplayer function was broken when the game was released. However, thankfully, now that it has been fixed, Ubisoft can channel their resources back to the post-launch content.

Also, Ubisoft did not want to release it “unfinished,” as the DLC itself is named after the fan favorite character, T-Bone. The game must not fumble since it will permanently smear Ubisoft’s capability of doing a good job for all the other upcoming content should it fail.

With this, Game Spot reports that before the DLC is released, an event will be held ahead of it. On Dec. 19, the T-Bone Chaos event will start, and it will run for four weeks. It will provide players themed challenges every week, and players will be awarded in-game money and other unique rewards.