‘Watch Dogs 2’ Update 1.17 addresses several bugs

A promotional logo for "Watch Dogs 2." (Facebook/watchdogsgame)

One of Ubisoft’s most successful titles recently received a timely update that fixes lots of known bugs affecting players.

In a post on the game’s official website, Ubisoft detailed the contents of Update 1.17 that revolve on the four-player party and the co-op mode. The update took effect first on the PC followed by the console. “While we do not foresee releasing any additional title updates after this patch, we will continue to be present in the community and are keeping a watchful eye over the game!” explained Ubisoft.

“Leaderboard seasons will also continue on and will reset in November. This will offer the chance to earn any clothing rewards items you may have missed in the last year!” the developer added.

As for the 4-player party mode specifics, the update fixed the syncing issues affecting the mission objective after joining in Man versus Machine. It also addressed the bug that stops fast travel to another player. Moreover, it also corrected the problem that keeps a player from moving after dying in Showdown.

When it comes to the co-op mode, players will no longer experience teleportation issues when going to a bounty target as a second hunter. Furthermore, co-op hunters will no longer encounter disconnection from each other whenever they complete a bounty. In addition, the update also fixed co-op party disbanding issues whenever a hacking invasion occurs.

Meanwhile, FutureGameReleases reported that Update 1.17 may likely be the last, as “Watch Dogs 3” is just around the corner. The gamers reportedly expect the upcoming game to run more smoothly with just minimal bugs.

In other Ubisoft news, the company is poised to make some noise in the upcoming Gamescom 2017. Gamespot reported that they will showcase some highly-anticipated titles led by “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” and “Far Cry 5.”

Gamescom 2017 takes place from Aug. 23 to 26 in Cologne, Germany. The event will feature some of the leaders in the gaming industry like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts, among others.