‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 latest news: Three actors promoted to series regulars; EP teases upcoming plot

A promotional still from "The Walking Dead" (Facebook/TheWalkingDeadAMC)

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will get to see more of these three characters when the eighth season premieres.

A recent report from Variety confirmed that AMC promoted Pollyanna McIntosh, Steven Ogg, and Katelyn Nacon to regular cast members for the upcoming season.

In the zombie apocalypse series, McIntosh plays Jadis, the leader of the junkyard community called Scavengers. The tenth episode, titled “New Best Friends,” of the seventh season introduced the said community.

Meanwhile, Ogg plays Simon, a fierce member of the Saviors and Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) right-hand man. Nacon, on the other hand, portrays Enid, an Alexandrian teenager who forms a special bond with Carl (Chandler Riggs), Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) son.

The season finale revealed that Jadis’ team was affiliated with Negan’s cruel troop all along. However, they pulled back after the soldiers from the Hilltop and Kingdom, led by Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton), respectively, joined the Alexandrians to fight, outnumbering them.

Speaking of the next season, series showrunner Scott Gimple teased that season 8 will feature the aftermath of the war. The allies will be regrouping while the Saviors’ kingpin aims to keep everyone alive and under his control.

“It isn’t just their little corner. It’s the Kingdom and the Hilltop too. The Governor just wanted them dead,” he said in a separate interview.

“Negan would be happy if everyone was alive and well and working for him. There’s a very basic political idea at play here. They want to live in a fair world instead of having it just be Negan’s. To that end, that idea feels to me like the beginning of civilization is at stake, this new civilization they want to build rather than live this strange half-life serving a despot,” he went on to say.

The eighth season of “The Walking Dead” will premiere in October on AMC.