VTech cyber attack news: over 10 million people affected by breach, including 6.4 million children


Following the cyber attack on digital toy and gadget maker VTech Holdings Limited that exposed the data of over 6 million children and close to 5 million adults, the company has utilized the services of Fire Eye Inc.’s Mandiant Forensic Unit to secure and reinforce its systems from similar incidents.

Mandiant will lead the forensic investigation into the matter and assess VTech’s systems and procedures to determine how to beef up its user data.

“We are deeply shocked by this orchestrated and sophisticated attack on our network. We regret that users of Learning Lodge, Kid Connect and PlanetVTech, some of whom are colleagues, friends and families, are also affected. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any worry caused by this incident. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that our users can continue to enjoy our products and services, safe in the knowledge that their data is secure,” Allan Wong, Chairman and Group CEO of VTech Holdings Limited said in a statement.

According to Wong, they are working with various law enforcement agencies to investigate the attack and hold those responsible accountable.

Based on a Reuters report, while the FBI has not confirmed if it is investigating the incident, Britain’s Information Commsision Office (ICO), which is in charge of regulation of data privacy, has confirmed that they are looking into the breach.

The report said nearly 5 million of those affected by the cyber attack were based in Europe. Meanwhile, more than 2 million of those affected were from France. Britain, where VTech’s Europe headquarters is based, posted 1.29 million affected users.

The VTech data breach also affected users in Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

In the wake of the breach, U.S. lawmakers are also calling on VTech executives to explain why they have to collect data from children and how they secure this information.