‘The Voice’ season 12 cast news: Gwen Stefani on doing live performances; Adam Levine denies scripted show

A promotional image for "The Voice" (Facebook/NBCTheVoice)

She has been performing for various audiences for decades now. However, “The Voice” judge Gwen Stefani still feels some tension before going on stage.

“It’s been all these years and I still, when I do live music … I still get nervous,” the No Doubt vocalist confessed to Entertainment Tonight. She confirmed that she can make a causal connection to her Team Gwen, including all other contestants in the singing competition.

“Anything can happen, you know? It’s that adrenaline. I get the beating heart, you know what I mean? I can’t imagine what they [the artists] feel like,” she continued.

The “Misery” singer joined the show in the seventh season and reprised her role as coach in the ninth and 12th (current) seasons.

As a coach, Stefani shared that she keeps telling her team that at this point, they have proven that they are great singers and performers. She encourages them to open their hearts so that people will get to know them. She also said that this will give the audience a one-of-a-kind show.

“I think that’s what we are attracted to as fans of music, is being able to connect,” she explained.

Meanwhile, co-judge Adam Levine explained that winning in the live elimination is not a mere science nor is it caused by luck.

“Science has nothing to do with it, I assure you that. We just have fun,” said the Maroon 5 frontman. He stated that people kept asking them if everything they say or do in the set is scripted and if they have a pre-meditated strategy.

“We really don’t,” said the pop-rock singer and songwriter.

Levine and country music star Blake Shelton has been in the show since the premiere season. They were in the judges’ seats alongside famous singers like Christine Aguilera and CeeLo Green.

Aguilera and Green are currently replaced by Stefani and R&B goddess Alicia Keys.

The Top 12 of “The Voice” season 12 will perform on Monday, April 24, on NBC.