Vivo X6 rumors: handset acquires 3C certification; may come in two variants


Vivo’s new and upcoming flagship smartphone, the Vivo X6, recently passed the 3C certification in China, and along with the certification details came the reveal of two variants that can be expected. There will be some interesting features that might make the upcoming X6 flagship not only stylish but also powerful in terms of hardware specs. 

According to a report by Gizmo China, the upcoming Vivo X6 smartphone, as per its 3C certification details, might come in two variants said to be called the Vivo X6A and the X6L. Aside from the expected difference in size, with the “L” variant possibly the bigger one, it is also expected that either one of these versions will be utilizing haptic touch technology that is similar to Force Touch technology. The 3C certification did not specify what makes the two variants different from each other. 

As per previous rumors, the new Vivo X6 smartphone is expected to come with a 5.5-inch display, with a bigger one that could come with a display of 6 inches. Whatever it may be, it is expected to sport a Quad HD resolution. The bigger of the two is said to be the one coming with the Force Touch technology. 

The handset is expected to come with 4 GB worth of RAM and 1 GB of that is said to be a dedicated video memory, giving more power for video playback as well as heavy gaming purposes. A 4000 mAh battery is rumored to power the device, with quick charging technology. A 21-megapixel main rear camera and support for 4G wireless connectivity are expected to come with it as well. 

In addition to these, a fingerprint scanner is expected to be embedded on the Vivo X6. It might also be equipped with wireless payment services features.