Violinist takes revenge on 'pervs' of social media


Violinist Mia Matsumiya declared in an interview with Huffington Post that her 4-foot-9-inch height and Japanese ethnicity, and being a musician to boot, make for a “nightmare combination.” For almost a decade, she has been a recipient of more than a thousand crude, harassing, racist, and often violent messages and threats of rape or death online. But this petite musician has found a way to strike back at her online attackers.

After archiving these abusive “creepiness” messages, Matsumiya decided to turn the tables. She created the Instagram profile perv_magnet to publish her wealth of perverse material and expose their authors in order to make her statement against online abuse and sexual harassment. 

Overnight, her account had become a social media sensation, going viral and sparking online debate on the issue of violence against women online. Her posts on Instagram reflect her reactions upon receiving the various messages, which mostly refer to her height or her Japanese descent. Some messages have left her bereft of speech, she claims in the write-up by DW, especially those expressing sexually explicit fantasies about her and, of all things, talking of her virginity.

The same report includes this comment she made on another message on Instagram asking, “Have I just been really unlucky or have I never seen a well-intentioned question that contains the phrase ‘virgin flesh?'”

The advent of social media platforms as MySpace, where she would often write blogs on her main interests as music, started the assault of messages on her social media accounts Facebook and Twitter. Some threats have even found their way into her real life. Her account of a stalking incident is posted on her Instagram account, relating how in Germany, while on a performance with her band, “a creepy guy… kept following me around … for my autograph and a kiss. I tried to hide … he ended up cornering me, demanding I sign his forearm. I did it out of fear.” 

Sometimes Matsumiya makes jokes about this fact of her life, although it is merely a front, a way of coping. DW includes her statement of hope that “people start acting civilized. Man, that would be nice.” 

Of course, Matsumiya’s expos on @perv_magnet is not enough for her. NZ Herald shares a declaration she made on her Instagram account, “Eventually, I dream of turning these into a coffee table book.”