'Vikings' season 4B spoilers: Ragnar's reasons for returning; Lagertha has a new lover


The highly anticipated second half of History Channel’s period drama “Vikings” season 4 is predicted to revolve around Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and will introduce Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) new love interest.

It can be recalled that the King of Kattegat suddenly vanished following a great defeat. Although he is confirmed to return to his hometown, showrunner Michael Hirst shared to Entertainment Weekly that they will not showcase what really happened to him during his absence. Instead, they will focus on the reason of his comeback.

“I was never particularly interested in where he went to. He probably was licking his wounds somewhere. He probably never intended to come back,” he stated.

In other settings, if a nation’s leader such as the Earl or King had lost in the same manner as Ragnar did, Hirst said that he would have been killed or replaced due to “meritocracy.” However, since Ragnar is the most famous Viking in Scandinavia, he is too popular to immediately be replaced.

When season 4 returns to the small screen for episode 11, the fans will see a time jump and some of their favorite characters are now older. It is presumed that Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hgh Andersen) will succeed Ragnar to the throne and will be the one bringing the army upfront to dominate the lands of the York.

“There were a couple of things he wanted to come back for. We know what his sons mean to him. One was to find out what had become of his sons. The other was to deal with unfinished business, which was the settlement in England, in Wessex,” Hirst added.

When it comes to the shield maiden, the executive producer revealed that a new female character named Astrid, to be played by Josefin Asplund, will become her new lover. He explained that the Lagertha has decided to be in a relationship with a woman as she has experienced being betrayed and let down by men. But it does not mean that she suddenly found out that she is a lesbian.

“She’s in a relationship with someone she feels more comfortable with, someone she feels she might be able to trust, and it’s a woman,” Hirst concluded.

Season 4B of “Vikings” is expected to return sometime this fall.