'Vikings' season 4 spoilers: Ragnar, Rollo to have respective comebacks


“Vikings” is currently on its mid-season hiatus but still currently draws a lot of attention to the show especially on the new direction it is seemingly heading to.

Before the period show went on a short break, Kattegat was surprised by the return of Ragnar to his own land after six long years. His disappearance followed his first major defeat against no less than his brother, Rollo (Clive Standen). While fans are looking at it as the slow descent of the Viking from his high chair, show creator Michael Hirst revealed that things will turn to an entirely different direction in the latter part of the season.

“If you knew what I know about what happens to Ragnar in the second half of the season, you, too, would be very happy that he didn’t die [during the fight with Rollo],” Hirst teased. “I think Travis is absolutely amazing on this journey and more powerful than ever. What happens to him is unbelievable. Prepare to shed a lot of tears, I think.”

A sense of uprising from Ragnar has also been shortly hinted during the first trailer for the latter part of season 4. In a short sequence with his son, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Andersen), Ragnar claims that someday, the whole world will not only recognize his name but also fear it as well. Historically, this happened and since the show is tied to real life events, fans can expect that they will be treated with the re-telling of Ragnar’s prominence that continued to his sons.

Hirst, on the other hand, is also very eager to continue with the story arc of the show in the long haul saying, “I still want to, if I can, end it with the discovery of America, and at least one of the sons of Ragnar being there.”

Aside from Ragnar, Rollo is also set to have a comeback in his own way. The Duke has been on an emotional high just before the show went off the air as he admits that part of him is still a Viking. Based on the newest trailer, he also seems to be forming an allegiance with his nephew, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig).

“I couldn’t bear it to be the end. Rollo’s coming back, and I’m sure the fans will be delighted to know that,” the 63-year-old producer shared referring to “The Bear.”

“Vikings” is expected to return with the latter half of season 4 sometime this July.