'Vikings' season 4b spoilers: time jump will make story progress; not the end of Ragnar yet


“Vikings” will embark on a brand new territory on the re-telling of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his son’s life story when it comes back for the latter part of the current season.

With a time jump even before the show hits its midseason hiatus, fans are expecting that “Vikings” has already marked the start of the passing of the baton from the original set of characters to the newer generation. The recently released trailer for the second half of the season even makes it more felt with Ragnar and Duke Rollo (Clive Standen) both looking a lot older.

Despite this, show creator Michael Hirst promises that Ragnar’s story still has a lot of narratives left to tell.

“Anyone who thinks that what has happened in [the midseason finale] is the end of the story is completely wide of the mark. Ragnar’s story is not told,” Hirst told Entertainment Weekly.

Even Ragnar himself is not yet ready to give up his reign in Kattegat as he blatantly told his sons at the mid-season finale titled “The Last Ship.”

“This is, and always has been, the story of Ragnar and his sons. I was very anxious of the sons to be there, present, right at the end of the episode. We can look forward to following them. But Ragnar’s story isn’t over by any means,” the producer added.

It can be remembered that there were numerous rumors that Fimmel was looking to exit the show after quite some time. And while he denied it at that time, both he and Hirst admitted that “Vikings” can continue without Ragnar. Given that the show is tied up to historical facts, the thought that someday the spotlight will be on the sons of Ragnar is very possible.

As of the moment, however, the time jump is purely an effort to push Ragnar’s story forward.

“I always anticipated the time jump. It was inevitable, because I wanted the sons to grow up, and I wanted them to become active young men. I wanted to change it up when Ragnar is at his lowest, you know? That’s the end of a big part of Ragnar’s story,” Hirst explained.

“Vikings” season 4b is expected to be back on History Channel sometime this July.