'Vikings' season 4B premiere news: Show's comeback expected in July


“Vikings” season 4 is currently on its mid-season hiatus, and no official return date has been confirmed. However, various rumors point to the possibility of the period show coming back in July.

Den of Geek speculates that there is a big chance that History Channel will be premiering the second half of “Vikings” season 4 right after “Game of Thrones” season 6. Given that the show is currently airing Thursday nights, it can be assumed that it will right away air on the succeeding Wednesday after HBO airs “GoT’s” chapter-ender.

Aside from the possible return date of Ragnar and the rest of the characters, History Channel has also added a couple more episodes in the current season. Instead of the usual 10-16 chapters per installment, the TV network has added 4 more episodes to the fold making season 4 a 20-episode spectacle.

The longer season can be chalked up from “Vikings'” slow rise in ratings. The show’s latest episode has raked in a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographics. This posed as a decent share in the viewership with competitions from NBC’s “Game of Silence,” ABC’s “The Catch” and CBS’ “Rush Hour.”

With the gradual introduction of “Vikings” to the mainstream period shows, fans can expect better storytelling from the series moving forward. Showrunner Michael Hirst hinted of what lies ahead especially with the change in the landscape both in Kattegat and in terms of the power hierarchy.

“Ragnar’s come back for a purpose. He has to fulfill that purpose, and he does fulfill that purpose,” Hirst told Entertainment Weekly of the returning Viking lord to his own land after years of disappearing.

“That’s a big part of the narrative. The sons, it’s slightly different. They have to consistently deal with the fallout of Ragnar leaving. When Ragnar left, there was a power vacuum. Who could fill that? In the medium term, Aslaug has stepped in, made herself the Queen. But these issues of power who rules in Kattegat, what is the legacy these are real issues,” he added.

In the mid-season finale titled “The Last Ship,” Ragnar was obviously not yet ready to hand out the throne to his sons. He insisted to still hold the utmost power in Kattegat and challenged his sons to kill him if they want to take the Kingship away.