'Victor Vran' gameplay, release date: July 24 release for PC version


Finally, after it’s time as an Early Access release via Steam, the latest offering form Tropico developer Haemimont Games, Victor Vran, will be officially released for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms releases on July 24 via Steam.

Victor Vran is an isometric action role-playing game (action RPG, or ARPG) that tells the story of Victor Vran, a Demon Hunter fighting demons in an infested town called Zagoravia. The story trailer gives a short background to the origin of the Demon Hunters. They were called the “guardians of the mortal race”, who came in to the fallen city of Zagoravia to battle several kinds of demons lurking in town. But then the “masters” came, supposedly killing all Demon Huntersexcept maybe for Victor Vran, the game’s main protagonist.

While Victor Vran does not have a specific job class, his abilities, weapons, and appearance can be fully customized according to players’ liking and preferred gameplay style. There are several Demon Powers obtainable as the game progresses, and each outfit for Victor Vran has unique effects on the character and his fighting style. There is also the set of Destiny Cards, granting Victor Vran different passive abilities. An entire arsenal of different weapons is available, and each one has its own effects and strengths.

Players can utilize the jump feature in the game, which is vital in fighting demons, and as well as reaching certain areas within the game map.

The city of Zagoravia is vast, and the game also features dungeons that players can explore and lay waste on. But players won’t have to face the demons of Zagoravia alone, as the game also features multiplayer co-op mode, allowing gamers to either team-up with other gamers or to play against them.

The game is already complete as of the last July 2 update. Some of the last additions to the game are the addition of German language support in voiceovers, The Shunned Manor dungeon, the Lord Gabriel boss fight, new Legendary Weapons, Gift Box item, Hard Mode, and Elite Challengesa new set of challenges made available after the story has been completed.