‘Veep’ season 6 plot news: EP talks about Selina’s misogynistic behavior

A promotional image for "Veep" (Facebook/veep)

It is way too fast for Andrew Meyer (David Pasquesi) to get caught from his philandering escapade in “Veep.”

The second episode opened with Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) finding out that a photo featuring the living Presidents of the United States did not include her. The enraged Selina told her subordinates that he wanted a presidential library named after her. The timing was right as she visited her alma mater, Yale University. However, the school administration declined to build a library.

Richard (Sam Richardson) tried to save the day by telling Selina that her undergrad school, Smith College, wanted to review the proposal.

While heading to meet with a prospective donor for the library, the system reads aloud a text message for Andrew. This revealed his affair with Helen, a member of Selina’s office staff.

Selina fired Helen, who leaked her affair with Andrew to the press.

“Andrew’s cheating and it becoming public was our chance to play with a lot of concepts out there right now,” showrunner David Mandel revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “It was our chance to talk about victim-shaming and also modern-day gender roles, plus what’s going on at the campuses,” he added.

Back in the episode titled “Library,” the employee termination controversy erupted, and Smith College revoked the library proposal. To escape from further scrutiny, Selina decided to rehire Helen. However, after knowing that Smith still said no, she ousted the lady again. Selina also broke up with Andrew.

“Obviously, she didn’t get rid of him voluntarily, but she’s definitely rethinking some of her choices. When you lose, you question everything,” Mandel explained.

When asked why Selina did not stand up for the woman, the showrunner used the term “giant misogynist” to describe her character. Also, she never used her femininity to her advantage.

“She resents when people treat her like a woman and certainly doesn’t value other women,” said Mandel.

The next episode of “Veep” season 6 will air on April 30 on HBO.