‘Veep’ season 6 plot news: EP breaks down time jump

A promotional image for "Veep" (Facebook/veep)

Season 6 of the highly-rated political comedy show “Veep” just premiered with a time jump and a couple of twists.

The latest episode opened with a one-year jump. It showed that Dan (Reid Scott) has become a co-host of “This Morning” on CBS. He interviewed Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who just made her first public appearance since losing in the presidential election.

Away from public scrutiny, Selina currently resides in New York City at Catherine’s (Sarah Sutherland) home. The ex-president remained active with her projects with some help from Gary (Tony Hale) and Richard (Sam Richardson).

Meanwhile, Mike (Matt Walsh) remains a stay-at-home dad, but he’s busy taking care of his three adopted children. Selina called him to ask for permission to use his diary for her memoir.

On the other hand, Amy (Anna Chlumsky) is engaged to Buddy, who is running for Governor in Nevada. She takes on the role of his campaign manager.

Jonah (Timothy Simons), on the other hand, continued working in the Congress with Ben (Kevin Dunn) and Kent (Gary Cole) as members of his staff.

At a family meeting, Selina announced that she is running for the presidency again.

“It destroyed her to her soul,” executive producer David Mandel told The Hollywood Reporter about Selina’s presidential loss.

Mandel asserted that Selina is the opposite of Mitt Romney, a former Governor of Massachusetts and the 2012 Republican’s Presidential candidate. After losing against Barack Obama, Romney remains a wealthy gentleman with a solid support system from his children and grandchildren.

“Selina doesn’t care about family or have her mother’s money anymore, so she doesn’t have that to fall back on,” Mandel stated.

He added that Romney helped in making Selena’s character by being everything Selina was not. “All the things that helped him when he lost, she has none of that,” he added.

As for the time jump, the showrunner admitted that it was a quick plan. However, he considered putting the characters into their places as a huge challenge.

“That was a lot of the challenge of this season, figuring out where everybody was and where Selina was going to be once we were released from the Oval Office and the Roosevelt Room,” he explained.

The next episode of “Veep” will air on April 23 on HBO.