'Vampire Diaries' series news: Ian Somerhalder helms April 1 episode


After the previous episode of “Vampire Diaries” featured what happened to the lives of the series’ supernatural characters after a three-year time jump, changes in the Salvatore brothers’ lives will continue to unfold as the show returns for its season seven episode 17 on April 1. According to an Entertainment Weekly article written by “Vampire Diaries” executive producer Julie Plec, the yet-to-be shown episode, which is directed by one of the show’s major stars, Ian Somerhalder, will feature new reveals on the characters of Paul Wesley (Stefan), Elizabeth Blackmore (Valerie), Kat Graham (Bonnie), and Michael Malarkey (Enzo).

Earlier speculations on what would happen to the characters of “Vampire Diaries” actually turned out to be true as the show embarked on a time jump. For instance, prior to the just-concluded episode, many viewers of the show guessed that Stefan and Caroline (Candice Accola-King) wouldn’t end up together, and the most recent episode just confirmed this as Stefan will rekindle the romantic link between him and his girlfriend from decades ago.

The three-year time jump also left Damon (Somerhalder) and Bonnie’s fans in dismay as it confirmed that the two did not have a happy ending as well, after Stefan and Bonnie failed to talk Damon out of his plan of going into a deep sleep.

“You’ll find there are certain mysteries left unexplored: how did Stefan and Valerie get together? When did Bonnie and Enzo fall in love?” Plec says in the article.

Fans can only speculate that Enzo served as Bonnie’s shoulder to lean on during the time Damon was in deep slumber. Can this mean that rumors of Nina Dobrev returning to the show to reprise her Elena Gilbert character, Damon’s original love interest, is true? If the latest rumor is to be believed, the answer may be a resounding “No!”

In fact, there is a report which claims that Dobrev is stunned by the news that “Vampire Diaries” got another season renewal as some say she might have been hoping that the show that made her the star that she is now would fold up after she left. However, considering that time has passed and that there are also some reports which say that Dobrev did not leave the show “on a bitter note,” there’s still the possibility that Dobrev will be on the show before its conclusion.

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“I am Damon Salvatore, I will figure this out,” a line said not by Somerhalder in reference to rumors about Dobrev’s sentiments, but rather by his character Damon, in the teaser for the April 1 “Vampire Diaries” episode titled “Days of Future Past.”