US Presidential Polls 2016 news: New survey reveals majority of voters repelled by current state of US politics


To say that the national election next week is highly divisive and thoroughly painful to watch is an understatement. It has been the subject of many jokes in the past couple of months with people drawing humor in what is tipped to be one of the most important decisions that America needs to do as a country. While every single national election has been important, this upcoming one is definitely for the books partly because of the two candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in the bid for the White House.

In a new survey conducted by the New York Times, in collaboration with CBS, it was revealed that voters are pretty dismayed with how U.S. politics has become. Brought about by the various scandals shrouding both the Democratic and Republican nominees, many Americans are on the fence when it comes to voting next week. The result of the polls reveals that regardless of who wins the election, there are some serious doubts on whether she or he will be able to bring the country back together after a tumultuous campaign period.

Given that everyone should be casting their choices, it was revealed that more than eight in 10 voters feel repulsed by the presidential campaigns of Clinton and Trump, who are both viewed as dishonest and unfavorable.

Meanwhile, with the campaign period already down to its final days, Trump’s wife, Melania, made a rare speaking engagement on behalf of his husband. The former fashion model married the New York businessman in 2005.

In front of Trump supporters in Pennsylvania on Thursday, Mrs. Trump vouched for his husband and laid out her plans and responsibilities in case the first lady post lands on her lap.

“People have asked me if Donald sees the president what kind of first lady will you be? It will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. I will be an advocate for women and for children,” she said. One of the issues she is very much interested in tackling is cyberbullying.

“It is never OK when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied, or attacked. It is terrible when that happens on the playground,” the 46-year-old declared. “And it is absolutely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the internet. We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. We must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media.”

Needless to say, regardless of one’s political affiliations and personal choice, people are highly encouraged to cast their votes on Nov. 8.