Under the Dome season 3 spoilers: Wall of flame prophesy transpires, resistance forms against Christine at Chester Mill


The seventh episode of Under the Dome, entitled Ejecta, aired on Thursday and alliances were forged among the residents of Chesters Mill, trapped inside the mysterious Dome while a catastrophic meteor show raged on outside. 

In the episode, Big Jim told Julia about a prediction that Lyle Chumley made when he rescued him from the lake. Big Jim said that Lyle had talked about a column of flame that was a thousand of feet high. Julia recognized this prediction and told Jim that this was the foretold sixth extinction event, as the dinosaurs were the fifth, reported Celebrity Dirty Laundry

At 8:22 am the next day, the prophesized wall of fire appeared, and started what Junior called “the great destruction.” The wall of fire consumed the world outside the dome, and people from outside gathered at its edge to ask the people inside to save them and let them in. Eva told Barbie that because of humanity’s flaws, it is time for mankind to be erased, while Barbie argued that he cannot possibly allow that.

Eva eventually convinced Barbie that he can only save the people inside The Dome and not the ones outside. The two turned their backs on the poor humans outside, who were then being consumed by the oncoming wall of fire.

At the end of the episode, Hunter, Norrie and Joe joined forces with Julia, Big Jim, Junior and Sam to form the resistance against Christine. Norrie revealed a plan on how to stop the destruction, and everyone armed themselves to get ready to fight. While they did so, they didn’t notice the incoming call in the computer.

According to MNR Daily, there are rumors that Under the Dome will end in Season 3. This is due to comments made by showrunner Tim Schlattman at Comic Con, as reported by Movie News Guide, that the third season finale will answer all the questions regarding the mysterious dome at Chester’s Mill.