UFC news: Rousey's distractions had huge effect on her loss; Meisha Tate expresses desire to battle Holm


Miesha Tate, one of the most popular women fighters in the UFC, has opened up about how the recent events of “UFC 193” changed the dynamics of the whole UFC.

Tate expressed her eagerness to challenge Holm who now holds the Women’s Bantamweight belt that Rousey held for such a long time. There will be a lot of history involved if the two will meet in the caged ring as they both fought Rousey. Although Tate lost, she was one of the few athletes who made the former Olympian actually work hard for the win tally.

The 29-year-old fighter also shared her sentiments on the ongoing rumors that a large chunk of the reason why Ronda lost was because of a lot of external factors distracting her including her fame in Hollywood and alleged drama inside her camp.

“Maybe it was everything else with the leadup. I’m now hearing that there’s a lot of personal issues. It just seemed like maybe Ronda was distracted a little bit. But I feel like Ronda has always had a lot on her plate. She’s always had a lot going on. I don’t think it’s ever a perfect training situation for anybody going into a fight, especially a title fight. They’re longer camps and there’s more demand for media and all those things. I think that’s just the way Ronda is used to dealing with things. I don’t know if there was really anything different this time other than she just didn’t seem like herself,” “Cupcake” revealed.

UFC President Dana White, on the other hand, solidified rumors that Rousey was distracted coming to the Holm fight via TSN’s “Off the Record” with Michael Landsberg last Thursday. White said that Rousey has expressed being exhausted both mentally and physically before her big match. He also shared that he and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta held a meeting with Rousey last week in Vegas to talk about the future of the MMA fighter. It was already previously reported that a rematch between Rousey and Holm is already in the works and will push through once Rousey gets out of her medical suspension.