UFC 196 news: UFC fighter Matt Brown says McGregor should be able to fight in whatever division he wants if he beats Diaz on Sunday


UFC 196 is just around the corner but Conor McGregor is still haunted by backlashes regarding his sudden weight division change. When it was first announced that the current Featherweight Champion is going up to Lighweight with a match against Rafael dos Anjos, a couple of people called Dana White and UFC out for letting McGregor do so even if it is technically not allowed.

As previously reported, things got a little bit more complicated when Dos Anjos was forced to withdraw from the bout because of a foot injury. Now, McGregor is booked with a Welterweight bout against Nate Diaz this coming Sunday.

Fortunately, not everyone is grilling “Mystic Mac” on his weight division hopping. Another fighter in Matt Brown supports UFC and McGregor on his current situation revealing that he understands what some would call “rule bending” when it comes to the Irish fighter.

“I can understand them giving it to Conor,” Brown said on the latest Great MMA Debate podcast reported Fox Sports. “He’s the money man. That makes sense. (Tyron) Woodley, he shouldn’t even be getting a title shot. This guy, he beat Kelvin Gastelum and he didn’t even beat Carlos Condit. His last fight was Gastelum. That’s a (expletive) joke. He’s just a business man. Just trying to play the business and not actually fight and earn it like other people are.”

“If Conor beats Nate, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to fight for whatever title he wants. He’s the money man,” Brown blatantly said.

Aside from criticisms about the weight division situation, McGregor is also facing some serious accusations of steroid usage made by Diaz and his coach, Richard Perez. McGregor already debunked the claim saying that he has been adamant about not using the illegal drug. White and the UFC have also dismissed Diaz’s sweeping accusation by saying, “The UFC unquestionably has the best drug testing program in all of sports. All done by the United States Anti-Doping Association.”

White stated that if Diaz meant everyone in the UFC, he is also suggesting that he is also on the drug.