UFC 196 news: Rafael Dos Anjos not threatened with Conor McGregor; McGregor coach talks possibility of fighting welterweight


When current featherweight champion Conor McGregor set his sights on lightweight title holder Rafael Dos Anjos, a couple of brows raised. Not only does it allow McGregor to retain the featherweight belt while attempting to get another one, there is also a possibility that he may be a two-division title holder after his UFC 196 fight with Dos Anjos.

Dos Anjos on his part, however, does not feel any pressure going up against the Irish fighter.

“He’s not going to make history over me,” Dos Anjos blatantly said in an interview on The MMA Hour on Monday reported MMAFighting.com.

As previously reported, the two have been fanning the flame for their fight since the press junket for UFC 196 was held last month. McGregor, who is known to be very vocal about his opinions, called the Brazilian champion a “bum version of Aldo.” But Dos Anjos kept his cool and said, “For me, it’s a normal fight. I feel focused, very in shape. Of course, it’s been different because it’s a big fight.”

However, Dos Anjos added that despite the size of the upcoming match, McGregor is not the toughest opponent. “I think it’s not the biggest opponent, not the toughest opponent, but it’s the biggest fight of my career because this guy, the way that he’s been talking, he’s been getting a lot of fans. He’s been very popular. But I’ve faced better guys before, stronger guys, better guys. And I think this is just going to be one more fight,” he finished.

Arguably the current golden boy of the MMA world, McGregor is already looking further into his career with his coach John Kavanagh pondering the thought of “The Notorious” going up to the welterweight division.

“As time goes on, it’s harder to predict what will happen in the future. Conor has a sort of unusual body type in that even though he can make featherweight, he’s still a very big lightweight. Given some time, as well as a bit of strength and conditioning work, he could also be a force at welterweight. This is an interesting time,” Kavanagh wrote in his article for The 42.