UFC 196 fight news: Twitter user threatens Conor McGregor with AK-47


UFC featherweight champion and lightweight title challenger Conor McGregor has always been known for his brash personality and penchant for trash talking.

While a handful of people love him for it, a sizeable chunk also hates him with a passion, aching to see him be violently defeated and silenced.

Just like how it was at UFC 189 in July when he got a last-minute opponent change, McGregor is once again placed in the exact same scenario after lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos pulled out of the bout due to a broken foot early this week.

Many fighters were offered to face “The Notorious” as dos Anjos’ replacement, but eventually, former lightweight title challenger and the equally talented trash talker Nate Diaz got the final call.

The fight will now be a non-title bout, fifteen pounds heavier at welterweight.

The recently concluded UFC 196 pre-fight press conference on Wednesday afternoon was no different, as it was the same “McGregor show”. This time around, his opponent was talking back with almost the same amount of trash as he was.

At one point of their verbal exchange, McGregor went on to attack Diaz’s tough guy demeanor, describing the latter as a “cholo from the hood”.

“At the same time, he coaches kid’s jiu jitsu on a Sunday morning and goes on bike rides with the elderly,” McGregor said of Diaz. “He makes gang signs with the right hand and balloon animals with the left hand.”

McGregor’s statements apparently did not sit well with one Twitter user. In a report by Fansided, the unidentified individual sent various tweets to McGregor warning the Irish fighter about “talking down on neighborhoods.”

The said Twitter user also reiterated that California “ain’t Ireland,” adding that they have “guns and plenty of crazy people.” However, what alarmed the UFC about the tweet was that it came along with a picture of the man holding an AK-47 rifle.

UFC management reportedly contacted Twitter to take action, and in turn, the said individual has been banned from the social media site.