U.S. Presidential Polls 2016 update: Marco Rubio wins Washington D.C. caucus, no delegates for Trump and Cruz


Florida Senator, Marco Rubio won the most delegates in last Saturday’s Republican presidential caucus in the District of Columbia. This is the third and most recent win by Rubio who previously picked up the Minnesota caucus and the Puerto Rico primary. In addition, this victory was relatively expected as the U.S. capital has historically favored establishment candidates like Rubio.

There are a total of 19 delegates in Washington DC and Rubio took 37.3 percent of the votes, granting him 10 delegates, while former Ohio governor John Kasich got 35.5 percent earning him the remaining nine delegates. Republican front-runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz did not win enough votes to earn any delegates.

Alex Conant who is Rubio’s communication director, tweeted that this favorable outcome for them demonstrates that the nation’s capital is a “minority-majority city that’s embracing the future.”

However, the Republican voters in the capital usually do not have much of a say in who will become the next president. According to The Guardian, there are only around 27,000 registered Republican voters in Washington D.C., a mere 6 percent of all the voters in the city.

It has to be noted though, that since there were 19 delegates to be won, which would be the same as in Hawaii and more than Vermont or Delaware, its influence was higher than normal.

However, the voter turnout was relatively low at 2,839 only. This is less than half than the number of conservatives who voted four years ago. Despite this, Patrick Mara, executive director of the DC Republican party was still glad that people still went to vote.

In the same Guardian article, Mara said, “It’s fantastic to see all these people come out to vote. Your average DC Republican is well read in current events and world affairs. We see so many people turn out because they know this is meaningful. What they do today is not only local news but national and world news.”