U.S. presidential election news: Trump, Cruz aren't happy with RNC after South Carolina debate


Billionaire and 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump reignites his feud against the RNC (Republican National Committee) last Saturday for using his name to raise money.

The incident happened hours before the GOP debate in South Carolina, where RNC sent emails asking supporters for cash in exchange for getting into “Get on Trump’s list.” The message details that if an attendee chose to donate any amount ranging from $35 to $250, Trump will be able to see the attendee’s name and the amount in the nominee’s war chest.

However, the 69-year-old Republican presidential candidate debunked the email saying that it did not have his approval.

“This totally unauthorized notice is yet another example of deceptive Washington tricks used to take advantage of the voters and get money from the hard-working people the politicians have failed,” he said via a statement to the New York Post, adding that on top of RNC not treating him well, the organization also used his name to raise money for themselves. He urged his supporters to not give a cent to the solicitation explaining that he funds his own campaign.

The battle between Trump and the RNC did not end there. This time, even fellow GOP candidate Ted Cruz is with him against the RNC. They accused the organization of filling up The Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina with pro-amnesty consultant class party donor figures.

In the debate, Trump and Cruz were both boo-ed by the crowd as they made their cases against amnesty, while Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio got approvals while arguing that illegal aliens should be granted amnesty.

“I think the RNC does a terrible job in allocating the tickets, to be honest with you, There’s an opportunitythere’s 2,000 seats out there, there’s six candidates on stage, they should just divide them evenly so everyone has them, but instead they just give them to the donor class, they give them to the lobbyists and to all the special interests,” Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, exclusively told media outlet Breitbart after the debate.

“It’s not fair, it’s not equitable. So I think what they should do moving forward is take the total number of seats available, allocate them across the board and let the candidates bring their people in, because that’s who should be here, not the donors,” he finished.

This mirrors the sentiments of Cruz and his campaign party. “I was a little disappointed in CBS and the moderators in that they kind of let the debate and the crowd get out of control,” Rep. Jeff Duncan, who represented Cruz in the spin room, said. “It doesn’t represent the voters of South Carolina. Definitely, the room was stacked for Rubiothere’s no doubt about it, especially from where I was sitting,” he added.