'True Detective' season 3 release date unlikely with new HBO boss


It seems that fans of Nic Pizzolatto’s crime drama anthology series “True Detective” will be disappointed to know that a third season is reportedly going to be highly unlikely especially after a new boss has taken over as HBO’s President of Programming.

It was recently reported that HBO finally made Michael Lombardo’s step down from serving as the network’s President of Programming official, marking his departure after more than three decades with HBO. Replacing him is Casey Bloys, who was announced as Lombardo’s replacement earlier this year and will take over the network’s HBO Series, Late Night, and Specials programming shows.

Bloys’ new role will have him oversee both HBO and Cinemax’s subsections, among which are HBO Films, HBO Sports, HBO Documentaris & Family, and HBO Entertainment. As the network’s new primary head, Bloys will have the following answer to him: Len Amato, President of HBO Films; Kary Antholis, President of HBO Mini-Series & Cinemax Programming; Peter Nelson, Executive Vice President of HBO Sports; and Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Documentaries & Family.

Sources for The Hollywood Reporter claim that with Bloys taking over, “True Detective” returning for another season is highly unlikely and a new project from series creator Nic Pizzolatto has a higher chance of happening.

Despite beginning with a universally acclaimed first run, season 2 of “True Detective” was touted to have suffered from a severe decline in quality. Lombardo admitted that the second season’s lower quality was because of the network putting pressure on Pizzolatto to quickly follow up the first season. Lombardo admitted that doing so was wrong and took the blame, suggesting that the first season was so good because Pizzolatto had time to properly ferment the story.

Lombardo said that HBO’s doors are always open for Pizzolatto should he decide to come back, and it has been confirmed that Pizzolatto has inked a deal with HBO that sets him working for the network at least until 2018.

With Bloys’ takeover, however, Pizzolatto might instead use that time to work on a completely new project instead of any prospective season 3 for “True Detective.”