'True Detective' Season 3: still no confirmation of another season from show creator; will Cary Fukunaga return as director?


Two months have already passed since the finale episode for the second season of HBO’s critically acclaimed series, “True Detective” aired, but there are still no words from the creator Nic Pizzolatto if there will be a third installment.

Reports claim that the network’s president of programming Michael Lombardo expressed his interest in picking up the crime anthology show and the decision now lies in the hands of Pizzolatto. During its freshman run, the production team has announced that they were planning to go ahead and have another season even if the first one was still currently rolling on the small screens.

However, season two has received negative feedback reportedly from both the viewers and renowned directors Quentin Tarantino and David Croneberg.

Meanwhile, the show’s veteran Cary Fukunaga who won an Emmy Award for directing the first 12 episodes shared that he does not have any ill feelings toward Pizzolatto contrary to the rumors that they clashed during the filming of season one.

Talking to New York Daily News, he said: “I’m an (executive producer) forever on the show, so I want the show to do well. There’s absolutely no schadenfreude (relish in someone else’s misfortune) about a poor performance on another season.”

He added that he wants to see more installments if the network allows it, “It’s in my absolute benefit for the show to go on longer.”

But admitted that he has yet to watch the follow-up to the original story, “It wasn’t my story, my story was done as a director. My characters no longer took part. Had they been a continuation of my two guys (played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson), maybe I would have felt differently, but because it’s an anthology and every season is different, it does feel like a separate entity.”

When asked if he wants to return to take the helm once again, “Who knows? I certainly had fun making it,” he answered.

More information is expected to be revealed in the coming months whether “True Detective” gets renewed or cancelled.