'True Detective' season 3 renwal may be in limbo in light of Michael Lombardo stepping down as HBO programming head


HBO has been quite forthcoming with regards to another iteration of “True Detective.” But with the sudden change in personnel in terms of the network’s programming, the hopes that the Nic Pizzolatto-created anthology will be able to redeem itself has just become more farfetched than it was before.

Current HBO exec Michael Lombardo has decided to step down from the job he held for eight years and segue into a more hands-on job such as producing.

“I recognized that going forward, less and less of my time would be spent developing shows, that I would be spending less and less time with talent and more and more of my job is being a studio executive,” Lombardo told Deadline referring to his decision to leave the exec post that a lot has been dreaming of.

“I had gotten a taste of being a creative executive, and I was feeling a desire to do more of that, but I am too far up the totem pole to be able to spend time with a writer and help crack a script,” he added.

Interestingly, the network boss started tinkering on the possibility of shifting to a different career path last year when HBO technically swept the Primetime Emmys.

Last year, when the second iteration of “True Detective” was met with disappointment from its fans, it was Lombardo who stuck by the show and Pizzolatto. He even took the blame for a seemingly rushed narrative for the crime drama saying that he may have pushed Pizzolatto a little bit too much. This has been especially controversial given the very successful debut of the show which was touted as one of the best TV shows of 2014 by the American Press

Now, with its championing HBO boss out of the picture, audiences are wondering whether the new higher-ups in the company will also back up “True Detective 3″or drop it altogether.

Regardless, Pizzolatto is bound by a contract with HBO until 2018 with brand new projects currently in the pipeline for the writer. It may no longer come as a surprise if new show debuts from the producer in the future officially leaving “True Detective” to only two polarized seasons.