'True Detective' season 3 renewal: HBO waiting for confirmation from show creator Nic Pizollato on another season


HBO’s hit crime drama anthology “True Detective” is up for its third season. While the first installment of the series received praises and various nominations, the second outing, although given favorable reviews, fell short of filling the great success set by its predecessor.

Despite this, the cable network is still putting its full trust in the show’s creator Nic Pizollato, even inking a contract that will last until 2018, Variety reported. In addition, Pizollato is also up for other projects lined. So what will happen with “True Detective” now that Pizollato’s attention will be divided?

According to a separate report by Indiewire, HBO is just waiting for the executive producer’s decision regarding the direction of the show if it pursues another run. Although the contract includes an open possibility for the cop-themed TV show to return in a new outing, the cable company is also pushing Pizollato to focus more on his new projects.

The difference in “True Detective’s” first and second season is mainly behind the camera. On the Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson version, Pizollato worked closely with producer Cary Fukunaga, who he also collaborated with in the overall story. On the other hand, the novelist and producer worked alone in honing the Colin Farrell-Rachel McAdams edition. Now, he is given the full power on whether he would like to get some new writers and even a showrunner for the third season, or if he would just want to work alone again.

Despite the success amassed by its first season, there were reports that Pizollato just didn’t get along well with Fukunaga causing tension on set.