True detective season 2 spoilers: agents may go rogue to solve case; fans and critics have mixed feelings about show's new approach


If there is a single word to best describe how True Detective season 2’s implementation has turned out, risky would be it. Viewers are now divided about how show runner Nic Pizzolatto worked on season 2 of True Detective. Given the turn of events in the past episodes, the only way for the 4 agents to solve the case is by means of going rogue.

DNA India breaks down the implications from previous episodes that lead to the speculation that going rogue is the only way to go for the upcoming episodes. All the agents have issues with authority by the end of the fourth episode. Even Ani Bezzarides, the goody two shoes of the four, has issues in the state police. The actress at Black Mountain led to Paul Woodrugh’s undoing. Seymon is already offering Ray Velcoro a way out of the force.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson really left some big shoes to fill for the four new stars who are spearheading the show’s cast at present. Even the manner of presenting the storyline is completely different. The old, linear approach was thrown out the window and halfway through the season at 4 episodes, it seems like things are just about to unravel.

This season, there was also a heavy focus on character struggles for the first half, according to BGR, such as Woodrugh’s struggles with his sexuality and there is still so much that needs to be resolved on the show that viewers are wondering if the showrunners can do it.

Some viewers appear to be feeling confused and finding it difficult to figure out where all the plotlines are heading save for the indicators of the agents going rogue to solve the case. It can be safely expected that the other half of the season will accelerate or move the story arc forward instead of continuing to focus on character struggles the way it has during the first four episodes of season 2.