True Detective Season 2: Lera Lynn a key character in the show; second half of Season 2 promises change of pace


A lot of fans and sites have been complaining about the slow pacing in the first five episodes of True Detective Season 2, even when the last one with the shootout seems to promise a change in pace that may help the show reach the level of the previous season. 

Music director T Bone Burnett indulged Entertainment Weekly with an interview about the fans’ criticisms.

In the interview, Burnett discussed the character of Lera Lynn, the mysterious bar singer who sang haunting songs for some episodes under his direction.

According to Burnett, her character is crucial in ways that he cannot reveal yet. The bar from where she sings is “the heart” of the show, he claimed.

This constant teasing of Lynn’s role as singer and guitarist in the entire plot of the season is of interest considering that people are already at a dead end as far as theorizing about the next development.

In addition to this, he said that his musical score for the final episode will increase in richness and complexity, reflecting the same changes in the storyline. As early as now, he is already working on finalizing this musical score segment for the show.

“Just as the characters grow richer, the music grows richer. It gets more complex,” he said.

Based on the interview, Burnett seemed to be hinting that fans who have been dissatisfied with the first half of the season should not lose hope as there would definitely be a change of pace for the coming episodes.