'Transformers: The Last Knight' spoilers: Michael Bay unveils new Autobot


Though a trailer for the upcoming “Transformers: The Last Knight” has yet to be released, fans of the franchise have already been given a glimpse into the new installment as a new Transformer has been unveiled recently. It appears that the new robot will be on the side of Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

Director Michael Bay posted photo of the new Autobot on his Facebook page. The name of the new robot is Squeeks. The new robot doesn’t look to be headed to battle with Optimus Prime and his comrades; rather, Squeeks appears to be someone who will play a supporting role in the movie. A lot of fans have called Squeeks cute because of its small appearance.

The new Transformer, as revealed in the photo, has a scooter body type, comes in a blue color, and has a few rusty parts found on its body. Given that the robot seems to be old and rusted, its purpose may not be for battle but probably for transportation.

The photo also showed one of the actresses, Isabela Moner, who plays the role of Izabella, talking to Michael Bay beside the robot. Fans have already speculated that the robot will be a companion for Izabella and that she will probably be the one to activate the Autobot. Moner’s appearance also appeared to be like a scavenger. Some fans are stating that her role and appearance is similar to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” character Rey (Daisy Ridley) who also had a robot companion, BB-8.

It is said that the new story arc of the upcoming film is about the Quintessons, which may be the ones who brought the Transformers to life. It will be Optimus Prime’s objective to find their creator. Other rumors suggest that the mission of the Autobots in the upcoming movie will be to bring their home planet, Cybertron, back to life.

Mark Wahlberg will reprise his role of Cade Yeager once again, and iconic actor Anthony Hopkins will also be part of the cast.

“Transformers: The Last Knight” is slated to premiere on June 23, 2017.